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A Distinctive Experience at Presidente InterContinental with Cozumel Windseekers

Ever dreamt of a place where opulence dances with adventure? Well, pack those bags because I've found the perfect spot for you on the mesmerizing island of Cozumel.

Introducing the Presidente Intercontinental Cozumel Resort & Spa—a haven where luxury and adventure intertwine, creating a tailor-made experience for families, especially those with little explorers. Nestled on Mexico's largest island, this resort is a treasure trove of privacy, luxury, and fairytales waiting to be written.

But wait, there's more! (I always wanted to say that ). The resort has teamed up with Cozumel Windseekers for an exclusive 5-hour, all-inclusive catamaran tour. And guess what? It departs right from the resort's private pier. Talk about convenience!

Why Presidente Intercontinental Cozumel? 

Boasting 300 lavish suites and even pet-friendly accommodations, this resort ensures every family member, including your furry pals, is pampered in style. Whether you're planning a grand family reunion or a cozy getaway, this place promises memories that'll last a lifetime.

Cozumel Windseekers Catamaran Docked at Presidente Intercontinental Pier.
Presidente Intercontinental Cozumel

Sail with Cozumel Windseekers 

Ready to elevate your Cozumel escapade? Cozumel Windseekers, the crème de la crème of private boat rentals, is on a mission to blow your mind! Their goal? To make sure every family member, from toddlers to grandparents, is spellbound by the magic of the sea.

A Culinary Voyage at Sea

As you sail, prepare to be wooed by a culinary extravaganza. From crunchy vegetable sticks paired with creamy ranch dressing to the freshest tropical fruits, your taste buds are in for a treat. And for the main event? Dive into a zesty ceviche, a blend of fresh fish and vibrant Mexican flavors, or indulge in a Tuna Poke-style salad that's as refreshing as the ocean breeze.

Discover the Ocean's Secrets 

This 5-hour charter promises a blend of serenity and thrill. Dive into Cozumel's enchanting reefs, including the world-famous Palancar and Colombia, home to the globe's second-largest coral reef. Snorkeling enthusiasts, this is your golden ticket to an underwater paradise!

Luxury on the Waves 

With Cozumel Windseekers at the helm, every nautical detail is perfection. Their catamaran, boasting three cabins, two restrooms, and air-conditioning, ensures your journey is nothing short of luxurious.

Cheers to Adventure! 

Onboard, the bar is a liquid canvas of delights. From classic vodka tonics to tropical piña coladas, every sip is a toast to luxury and adventure.

Dive into a world where every moment is a masterpiece at Presidente Intercontinental Cozumel Resort & Spa with Cozumel Windseekers. Ready to embark on this luxurious odyssey? Book your adventure now!

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