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Disney's Treasure Cruise & Cozumel Windseekers: Perfect Combo

A magical voyage awaits your family aboard the brand-new Disney Treasure cruise ship set to launch in December 2024. This exciting addition to the Disney Cruise Line fleet promises an unforgettable experience for guests of all ages. Let's dive into the facts and figures of this extraordinary cruise adventure.

The Disney Treasure:

A 4,000-passenger cruise ship with a dedicated crew of 1,555 will embark on its maiden voyage on December 21, 2024. It's a massive vessel, measuring 1,119 feet long and towering 221 feet tall.

Booking Opens: Get ready to plan your family's dream vacation! Bookings for the Disney Treasures open on September 20, 2023. This early booking opportunity ensures you can secure your spot on this incredible cruise well before its maiden voyage.

Sail into Adventure: Disney Cruise's Cozumel Secrets Revealed

Cozumel Island, Mexico, is a standard port of call for Disney Cruise Line ships. It's a tropical paradise with crystal-clear waters, perfect for family adventures like snorkeling and exploring ancient ruins.

But what truly elevates your Cozumel experience to a whole new level is a thrilling catamaran adventure with Cozumel Windseekers.

“We were sailing on a spacious catamaran, with warm tropical breezes whispering through the sails as we glide across vibrant turquoise waters.”

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where you have complete control over your itinerary – whether snorkeling in pristine coral reefs or simply basking under the golden sun on our comfortable deck.

Safety is our utmost priority. Our highly skilled crew members are trained professionals who prioritize your well-being throughout your journey. We provide all necessary safety equipment and conduct thorough briefings before setting sail. Please sit back and relax, knowing that our experienced team will ensure every moment is enjoyable and safe.

From the moment you step off your cruise ship, you can trust in the professionalism and reliability of the taxi drivers in Cozumel. They will take you securely and efficiently to and from our catamarans, ensuring a seamless transition from ship to adventure.

The 5-Hour Private Charter.

Dive into an underwater spectacle unlike any other. We transport you to the most enchanting reefs on the island, renowned for hosting the planet's second-largest coral reef. Snorkeling enthusiasts heed the call! Our catamaran, boasting three cabins and two toilets, is fully air-conditioned to cradle you in comfort.

You can snorkel at renowned sites like Paradise Reef, Dzulha, Palancar, and Colombia during this odyssey. And here's an extraordinary experience: venture to the El Cielo sandbar and frolic with the starfish, a memory etched in time.

Gastronomic Delights:

The Caribbean Sea isn't just for snorkeling; it's a treasure trove of culinary wonders. Dive into the day's freshest catch with our refreshing ceviche, a harmonious blend of local fish, celery, tomato, onion, and lime. And for those with a penchant for the exotic, our tuna poke-style salad promises a dance of flavors on your palate. And, of course, no meal is complete without a dessert crafted by our culinary team, ensuring your taste buds set sail on their own adventure.

Quench Your Thirst

Stay refreshed with our selection of beverages, from purified water and classic soft drinks like Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Squirt to the natural sweetness of pineapple and orange juices. And for those who fancy a touch of the Caribbean, our selection of beers, including XX Lager and Corona, will surely hit the spot.

Craft Your Cocktail at Our Top Shelf Bar

Now, here's where the magic truly happens. Choose from four premium bottles and two house-selected wines at our Top Shelf Bar to concoct your perfect drink. Whether it's a rum punch reminiscent of Caribbean nights or a classic margarita, our crew is on hand to make your beverage dreams come true.

So, as you embark on your Disney Treasure cruise, remember that an exhilarating catamaran adventure with Cozumel Windseekers awaits you in Cozumel. Create unforgettable memories with your family, grandma, and the kids as you explore the beauty of the Caribbean paradise.

It's a journey that transcends the ordinary and leaves you with cherished moments to last a lifetime. Join us and make your adventure extraordinary!

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