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What to expect ?

Windseekers is committed to offer the best private charter experience in Cozumel, responding to all your needs, from the booking process, traveling, logistics, whether you’re hosting a family trip, celebrating wedding anniversary, birthday or just a getaway to the Caribbean . We will give you an unmatched experience for years to come. 

Are we renting a third-party private catamaran?

No, Windseekers only offer own owned catamarans, making this the only way to secure you’ll have the best maintained luxury boats, every time.

What is a crewed catamaran private charter?

A crewed catamaran private charter involves reserving a high specification, well-equipped, luxury catamaran . Your catamaran comes with its own highly experienced captain and crew, who will take you on an exclusive tour of your destination.


Is the crew professional qualified?

Windseekers understand the importance on not only renting the best luxury boats on the market, our full set of international experienced crew members are trained to meet the highest standards on the industry responding to safety protocols and all your needs aboard with every detail carefully considered and personalized.

What to bring?

Relax and enjoy your dream vacation, our experienced crew, Captain, chef, host, sailor and ground team will make you feel like a five stars all-inclusive resort. We love to make you feel special contact our booking manager to fulfill all your needs.


Are there any age restrictions?

NO, all kids are welcome. **Children under 6 years old are prohibited to be alone in any part of the vessel. 


Do kids have to pay?

Kids under the age of 2, do NOT have to pay.


What is the catamaran capacity?

20 guests + crew.


How much should I tip the crew?

Our crew is luxury-trained and highly-qualified. A minimum gratuity of 15% or 20% is expected for the crew if you are satisfied with the service. This can be paid in cash on completion of your trip. All our crew will appreciate it very much. 

I’m staying on the mainland (Playa del Carmen, Tulum or Cancun)

We cannot offer pickups from the mainland. You will need to take a 45 min ferry from Playa del Carmen then a 10 min taxi to meet us at our shop in Cozumel. All our departures are from Marina Fonatur in Cozumel. It’s very easy and ferries run nearly every hour. The primary gateway between Cozumel and the Mainland is the passenger ferry from Playa del Carmen. 


IMPORTANT: Since the Covid-19 pandemic ferry schedules have changed,

please consult directly with Ultramar or Winjet ferry companies for the latest schedules.



From the U.S. and Canada: (011+52) 998 293-9092   

From Cozumel: (987) 803-5581     

From Mainland: (998) 881-5890   


From the U.S. and Canada: (011+52) 987 872-1588

From Cozumel: 987 872-1508

From Mainland: (987) 8724988                                         


How do we make payments?

A 20% deposit is required upon booking. The outstanding balance must be paid before boarding the catamaran. 


What happens if we have to cancel?

 Cancellation information can be found on our policies page. Click Here>

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